Our expertise


We analyze the advantages, disadvantages, responsibilities and risks of governance options.

Vision and strategy

A strategic vision forms the basis of a long-term port plan and the structure of the organization.

Revenue management

To generate enough revenue, a port must create favorable conditions, which anchor companies or flows of goods.

Land lease policy

A well developed policy is an asset for the competitiveness of a port.


Optimized transport between the terminal and the end customer makes the difference.

Logistics and distribution

We analyze the possibilities of attracting logistical activities in order to improve the attractiveness of the port.

Economic studies and benchmarks

Our international scope enables us to perform high level bench mark studies.

Relation City - Port

A good cooperation is essential to achieve economic growth and improve the quality of life.


In order to meet all the challenges of port development, the port and its partners are obliged to innovate.

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