We can perform a detailed analysis of the advantages and disadvantages, tasks and responsibilities and of the risks of the different governance options.

Landlord model

Several types and forms of Port Authorities exist. In northern Europe the “Landlord model” is the most successful. Other models exist and are in use, depending on the circumstances.
The port Authority of a Landlord Port is responsible for:

  • Public tasks (maritime accessibility, safety, security)
  • The planning, development, exploitation and management of the port- and industrial area
  • The promotion of the port, its maritime and inland connections and its attractiveness for industrial sites
  • The definition of rules, regulations and port services

Balanced risks

The choice for the “Landlord model” has consequences for the economic model of a port. A strength of this model is that the risks are better balanced between the actors, putting the port authority in a better position to invest and thus increase productivity and attractiveness.

At the same time, the relationship with the physical and social environment needs attention, in order to maintain the “License to operate” and the “License to grow”.

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