Way of working

Our way of working is particularly pragmatic, based on our joined experiences in Rotterdam and France. We combine our long term experience in research and strategy development with the ambition to reach concrete results.

This pragmatism becomes manifest by our determination to get results, in general in intensive cooperation with all the actors involved in the public and private sectors. The transfer and exchange of knowledge plays an important part in our approach.

Optimal commitment

We are convinced, and our experience shows it, that in complex situations with many actors it is crucial to find solutions that respect the interests of all parties involved and that bring advantages to all of them individually and the system as a whole.

Our way of working is based on the optimal commitment of the involved organizations and companies. We not only use research, reports and statistical sources but also tools like scenario building, SWOT analysis, the Boston Consultancy Group methodology and benchmarks. In our way of working interaction is key, which generally means many individual meetings and meetings with steering committees and working groups.

Flexibility and customer focus

The objective is to identify opportunities, challenges and interests, which is an essential element of our approach. Interviews allow us to collect ideas, solutions and proposals and help create commitment.

In our assignments we pay great attention to the planning, project monitoring, quality control and the communication with our customer and others involved.

Finally, our way of working requires a very good relationship with our customer. Therefore we value well considered, clear agreements based on confidence. Nevertheless, in case of unforeseen events we will show flexibility and always bear in mind the interests of the customer.

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