Who are we?


Theo Willemsen

Director Theorit / Senior Consultant


Theorit Consultancy

Before setting up his consulting company “Theorit Consultancy” in 2009, Theo Willemsen worked at the Port of Rotterdam for 27 years. As Manager he was responsible for several services at the Port of Rotterdam, like the strategy department, marketing and social and economic affairs.

As an International port consultant he works mostly in France and the Netherlands. He exploits his extensive experience in port strategies, port planning, economic studies and benchmarks.

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

piet koet

Piet Koet

Director Red Ball / Senior Consultant


Red Ball Consultancy

Piet Koet is the director of Red Ball Consultancy, an international consulting company specialized in strategy development and port solutions in many fields.

During the 15 years he worked for the Port of Rotterdam he was, amongst others, responsible for the hinterland team of the port.

He also worked for several years for an international forwarding company and knows and understands the needs of the private sector.

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)


Together, Theo and Piet are committed, pragmatic, flexible and determined with a critical attitude, and always focused on concrete results.

Our strenghts are:

  • Wide experience and expertise, mostly acquired in Rotterdam and France
  • A good knowledge of the market, operational experience
  • Expertise and experience in (change) management, both in the public and private sector
  • Access to an important network, with connections to additional expertise’s like financial governance, economical, legal, technical, organizational, simulation systems, concession policies, real estate, terminal management, IT and many others.
  • Multi-lingual

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